Postnatal Massage Benefits 产后按摩的好处 :

  1. Improve body circulation. 改善身体循环

  2. Reduce the number of women experiencing postpartum expansion.减少许多妇女经历约产后膨胀

  3. Retractable against austerity and sore muscles , relieve muscle tension 伸缩肌肉防紧缩和酸痛,绥解肌肉紧张

  4. Reduce pregnancy stretch marks.减少怀孕伸展线

  5. Raise the position of the uterus and help the uterus contract to its original size ( refer normal delivery )抬高子宫位置和帮助子宫收缩到原始尺寸(指正常分娩)

  6. Promote the reduction of edema,cold and cramping.促进减少水肿,风寒和抽筋

  7. Reduce fat and help to tone the body.减少脂肪,并调理身体

  8. Relaxation effects.弛豫放效应

  9. Reduce migraines and headaches.减少偏头痛和头痛

  10. Reduce Postpartum Depression.减少产后抑郁症



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     輕 鬆  过 寳 寶 的  笫 一 年


  • 寶 寶 閙 哭 , 肚 子 有 風 ?

  • 寶 寶 好 像 有 痰 怎 么 辦 ?

  • 寶 寶 嗬 青 屎 ! !

  • 寶 寶 生 牙發 燒 ?

  • 寶 寶 熱 氣 ! !





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Words from Director

“First of all, I would like to thank my mom for raising me up and giving me inspiration to start up this Confinement Care business. All the knowledge on “sitting the month” were passed down from different generations. Here at Kabo, we use traditional and professional approach in taking care of your post natal needs and vowed to make your confinement experience a less painful yet memorable ones"

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