Kabo Confinement Centre Sdn Bhd was established in year 2013 to help women cope with their post natal care and to prepare new parents on parenting skills. Inspired by the mothers love and passion on caring for others, the son decided to take a go and revamp this industry in the modern era.

This use to be a industry dominated by female however for Kabo’s case, the      company is owned by a male owner turning a female dominating industry          into his career and dreams. The owner emphasise on traditional versus              professional approach to take care of patients and their new born.

Well trained nurses would still use traditional confinement methods to take        care of mothers as it is still a very famous and favourable approach for                most Asians. Loving and caring owner who would like to preparing first time        mothers to brave the challenge for before and after delivery.

As giving birth can be a very painful process from the very beginning of the first trimester till after birth and different people would suffer different after effects, Kabo would like to twist the plot using relaxation method to ease the pain of mothers and making it an unforgettable recuperation experience. It could also help with the development of child birth and help mother’s to cope with their post natal depression more positively and ease their pain in the long run.

At Kabo, we would prepare first time parents to brave the challenge before and after delivery. Professionalism is at its finest when it comes to taking care of your post-natal delivery and your new born as it is important for mothers to gain back all the energies after delivery and lead a normal life after giving birth to their babies.

 2014 by KabaConfinementCareCenter.

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