The whole confinement period can be divided into four different stages : the first stage is to detox ; the second stage is to condition ; the third stage is to nourish ; and the last stage is to build and maintain . A woman is at her weakest right after childbirth,thus it is not advisable to immediately eat tonics or nutritius food.The right way is to follow the different stages to restore her health.Confinement diet should therefore be adjusted at each stage to meet the nutrient requirements of the mother.


Stage 1

( The first week after childbirth )

  • Clear lochia and heals wounds


Stage 2

( The second week after childbirth )

  • Repair tissues and conditions internal organ


Stage 3

( The third week after childbirth )

  • Strengthens physique and nourishes vitality


Stage 4

( The fourth week after childbirth )

  • Reinforces health , tones the body and beautifies complexion

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